Manage Business Relationships - Templates & Policies

Risk Assessment Policy

Use Info-Tech's Risk Assessment Policy to define the parameters of your risk assessment program, including the frequency of evaluation.

Security Assessment Policy

Use Info-Tech's Security Assessment Policy to specify the requirements of security assessments and their associated controls.

Software Installation Policy

The software installation policy outlines the permitted and prohibited software titles and the proper procedures for software installation on company devices.

Minimum Viable Business Case Document

This document helps you store, present, and utilize the information in your minimum viable business case.

IT Steering Committee Charter

Use this template to create an IT steering committee charter.

IT Steering Committee Stakeholder Survey

Use the data collected in your stakeholder buy-in presentation to make the case for governance to each of the new governance members.

IT Steering Committee Stakeholder Presentation

This phase of the blueprint, Establish an Effective IT Steering Committee, will help you build a presentation for the steering committee's stakeholders.

IT Project Intake Form

Use this template to create your own project intake form to add projects to your project portfolio.

Maturity Level 1: BRM Organizational Design Reference Book

Use this template to design a Business Relationship Manager role and to effectively incorporate them into your department's organizational structure.

BRM Job Shadowing Evaluation Checklist

Use this template to evaluate the outcomes of your Business Relationship Management Job Shadowing Program.
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