IT Organizational Transformation Workshop and Consulting Catalog

Refer to this catalog of workshops and consulting engagements to understand how Info-Tech Research Group can support you in succeeding at an IT organizational transformation.

IT Organizational Transformation Capstone

Use this capstone deck to understand the opportunities and plan to succeed in strategically designing, aligning, and implementing the right IT organization.

Visualize the IT Operating Model

Visualizing the IT operating model is often overlooked but is a critical step in defining how the organization will reach its vision and deliver critical objectives. It...
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IT Operating Model Executive Summary Section

This template helps visualize the new IT operating model and support communication efforts on changes.

IT Operating Model Deck: Plan-Build-Run

The template helps organizations that selected the Plan-Build-Run IT Operating Model Archetype visualize the new model and define functional value.

IT Operating Model Deck: Geographically Aligned

The template helps organizations that selected the Geographically-Aligned IT operating model archetype visualize the new model and define functional value.

Design Your IT Organization for the Future – Phases 1-4

This storyboard is a step-by-step guide on how to design the right IT organizational structure to ensure objectives are always achieved.

IT Organizational Chart Catalog

A reference tool to review typical IT organization reporting structures.

Employee Organizational Design Playbook

The template helps organizations communicate to employees and organization stakeholders about what the IT organizational structure is and how employees are expected to...

IT Organizational Design RACI Chart

This tool helps define the activity level tasks associated with each capability and which role is responsible vs. accountable for each of those tasks.
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