Strategy & Governance

Develop a Flexible IT Funding Model Storyboard

Unlock the right funding for the right initiative at the right time through a flexible IT funding model created by pulling the right flexibility levers.

AI Transformation Brief – July 2024

The latest AI news from AWS, Anthropic, Apple, OpenAI, Microsoft, and upcoming AI regulations.

Slite Case Study: AI for Knowledge Management and Employee Experience

How AI is used in knowledge management and employee experience.

4CRisk Case Study: AI for Compliance Management

How AI is used in compliance management. Case Study: AI for Video Creation

How AI is used in video creation.

Change Your Perspective – Develop an IT Balance Sheet

Today’s dynamic business environment demands a change of perspective in how IT demonstrates its value. IT leaders need to rethink traditional IT metrics and adopt an...

Elevate Your Service Capabilities to Drive Enterprise Value

IT leaders need to transform the way they plan, design, and deliver services to support organizational growth and transformation. Use this blueprint to define and plan...
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Service Strategy Roadmap Executive Communication Template

Use this Powerpoint template to communicate your service strategy and roadmap to key stakeholders.

AI for ITSM Use Case Analysis Workbook

This Excel-based workbook contains a customizable library of AI use cases and a framework for identifying and prioritizing the ones most relevant to your ITSM challenges...

Exponential IT Service Strategy Workbook

Use this Excel-based workbook as a planning tool to build your roadmap to transform your service capabilities in line with Exponential IT goals.
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