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2020 CIO Tech Trend Report

Learn how four key trends in 2020 require businesses to find their place in an AI-driven ecosystem. There is no longer any business that's too big to disrupt and business...

Create Your Digital Strategy

Pre-digital organizations are not dinosaurs doomed to extinction. Organizations can transform themselves to thrive in the digital age. Digital transformation requires a...
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Drive Digital Transformation With Platform Strategies

This blueprint helps enterprises looking for either business model transformation and/or digital transformation to understand platform strategies and the design of...
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Raise Your Digital Maturity

This blueprint helps organizations take stock of their digital maturity and compare it with their peers in the industry. By leveraging the capabilities-based framework...
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Observe the Evolution of Quantum Capability

Learn about the evaluation of quantum capability and how to track it henceforth.
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Develop a Plan to Pilot Enterprise Service Management

With the differentiation between products shrinking, organizations are looking towards improved customer experiences to separate themselves from their competition....
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Design a Customer-Centric Digital Operating Model

Organizations must move from running uncoordinated efforts within siloes to launching digital transformation initiatives organized around customer journeys. This...
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CIO Trend Report 2019

Read the CIO Trend Report 2019 for an overview of emerging technologies and upcoming changes in the technology environment. Understand the multifaceted benefits of...

Preparing for Technology Convergence in Manufacturing

With the increasing convergence of technology and growing cybersecurity risks, manufacturing companies need a unified approach to technology integration. The time is now...
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Position IT to Support and Be a Leader in Open Data Initiatives

Open data programs often don’t get the attention or resources they need to thrive. Build a more robust open data program by following this blueprint’s method behind...
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