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Blockchain Glossary

The Blockchain Glossary contains all the important definitions associated with blockchain. It offers readers the opportunity to search for key words to understand the...

Blockchain Alignment Presentation

The Blockchain Alignment Presentation will help you to communicate the transformative potential of blockchain, as well as the rationale behind pursuing a use case at your...

Prototype One Pager

Use this template to create a one-pager that summarizes your prototyping results and helps you build a budget pitch.

Software Installation Policy

The software installation policy outlines the permitted and prohibited software titles and the proper procedures for software installation on company devices.

Stakeholder Discovery Interview Template

Use this template to structure and record the outputs of stakeholder interviews that you conduct. You may modify the questions as needed or read the questions verbatim to...

Journey Map Template

Use this template to document the journey maps you create in working sessions with your design team.

Partnership Strategy Template

A successful business partnership will allow the CIO to identify and communicate opportunities for business transformation, and to co-lead the planning and implementation...

Transformational CIO Value Stream Map Template

This template is designed to help you build a value stream map that is relevant to your organization.

Transformational CIO Business Capability Map Template

This template is designed to help you map applications to the specific capabilities that they support.

Office of the CIO Template

This template is designed to help you model for the office of the CIO that promotes operational efficiency and effective relationship management.
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