Marketing Solutions - Job Descriptions

Information Architect

The Information Architect (IA) guides projects on their overall high level solution approach, engages with the architecture team, and chairs the formal architecture...

User Experience Lead

The User Experience Lead will be responsible for overseeing and contributing to the end-to-end user experience solution designs, ensuring that the user experience vision...

Visual Designer

The Visual Designer is responsible for the end-to-end process of transforming complex product requirements into visually stunning and highly functional user interfaces.

Social Media Representative

Social Media Representatives use a variety of social channels to manage customer interactions. This individual will assist in strengthening the overall brand of the...

Social Media Manager

Use this complete job description to develop your own Social Media Manager job description for your organization.

Customer Service Knowledge Manager

To successfully implement a Customer Service Knowledge Management (CSKM) platform, ensure that you hire the right people with the right skills to serve as full-time...
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