Enterprise Applications - Tools

ERP Vendor Demonstration Script Template

Use this template to support your evaluation of vendors and their ERP products. Once complete, this template will provide vendors with scenarios that prompt them to...

Survey Emails Best Practices Guidelines

The Survey Emails Best Practices Guidelines will provide you with step-by-step information and guidance on how to perform survey emails.

Brand Recognition Survey and Interview Questionnaire and List Template

Gauge the buyers’ familiarity with your brand.

External and Internal Factors Analysis Template

Identify external and internal factors influencing your brand.

Buyer Personas and Journey Presentation Template

Gather existing and desired customer insights and conduct market research to define and personify your buyer personas and their buying behaviors.

Brand Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values Template

Define the “raison d’être” and fundamental principles of your brand.

Brand Value Proposition and Positioning Statement

Clarify your positioning in the marketplace and your unique competitive advantage.

Brand Voice Guidelines Template

Define your unique brand voice and develop a set of guidelines to ensure consistency across assets and platforms.

Writing Style Guide Template

Outline your brand's writing principles, style, grammar, punctuation, and number rules.

Brand Messaging Template

Develop a compelling brand message and story.
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