Enterprise Applications - Templates & Policies

Crush Your Product Launch Executive Presentation

Use this template to document your final strategy outputs, including executive-facing business decisions relating to alignment and Launch Activities

Build, Buy, or Shut It Down Self-Assessment

A best-of-breed template to help you build a clear, concise, and compelling self-assessment of product strategy for stakeholders.

Build, Buy, or Shut It Down Executive Presentation

This presentation template uses sample data to demonstrate an ideal build, buy, or shut it down strategy.

Customer Satisfaction Performance Update Template

Effectively manage CSAT improvement.

Customer Satisfaction Executive Presentation Template

Make the case for the right customer satisfaction metrics.

Capitalizing on AI Executive Presentation

Present your highest-ranked AI initiative to your executive committee so that you can get approval, budget, and resources to move forward with high-value AI initiatives.

Online Reputation Report Template

Identify the current state of your reputation with your own online reputation report.

Marketing Budget Presentation Template

A template to show the budget allocation compared to benchmarks and the alignment of the marketing budget to the company goals and other teams who need marketing support.

Naming Styles and Brand Elements Guide

This guide serves as a reference tool for crafting a unique and captivating brand name and visual identity that deeply connects with the intended audience. The guide's...

Brand Guidelines Template

This template provides a comprehensive and consistent framework that ensures all brand-related communications and materials adhere to a unified identity. It's a reference...
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