Be Wary of Unwanted Windows 10 Updates

Many users are reporting unwanted updates to Windows 10 as Microsoft continues to drive adoption toward its newest OS platform.

Prepare and Defend Against a Software Audit – Phase 3: Conduct an Audit

This phase of the blueprint, Prepare and Defend Against a Software Audit, will help you kick off, and understand the audit process that will be conducted.

Effective Licensing Position Tool

This template will help you create an effective licensing position and determine your compliance position.

Prepare and Defend Against a Software Audit – Phases 1-4

This storyboard will help you build a strategy for the moment a vendor requests an audit, and provides best methods to create a centralized response. Know what can be...

Enterprise Application Center of Excellence Stakeholder Presentation Template

Decide what needs to be presented and to whom. The purpose and format for communicating initiatives may vary based on the audience. Identify the audience first to ensure...

Center of Excellence Exceptions Report

Use this tool to track issues, identify resolution paths, and turn these experiencies into best practices that will mitigate facing the same issues in the future.

What are the pros and cons of fat and thin architectures, and will thin replace fat in the future?

The future of thin client architecture and an overview of the pros and cons for fat vs. thin architectures.

Application Development Case Study of a Large Health Insurance Provider

A health insurance provider that covers nearly 60 million people across all 50 states had high-priority mobile application and portal strategy projects on its agenda....

Maximize the Benefits from Enterprise Applications with a Center of Excellence – Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out why you should establish a Center of Excellence for your enterprise application. Review Info-Tech’s methodology and...

What are some advantages and disadvantages if I am currently considering Application Development Outsourcing?

The advantages and disadvantages of application development outsourcing.
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