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Get the Most Out of Your SAP

An SAP system is one of the most expensive software purchases a company will make. It is essential to the organization and therefore usage of the ERP needs to be maximized.
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Get the Most Out of Workday

Workday is expensive, benefits can be difficult to quantify, and optimization can be difficult to navigate. Take a proactive approach to continually monitor and optimize...
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Build Your First RPA Bot

Your stakeholders decided to invest in robotic process automation (RPA) to increase business productivity, improve customer experience, and scale automation capabilities....

Build a Winning Business Process Automation Playbook

Automation is not the silver-bullet solution to your workforce productivity challenges. Optimization and automation must be used together to remove root-cause...
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Select Software With the Right Satisfaction Drivers in Mind

Select your applications with the right satisfaction drivers in mind. Find deep satisfaction from software that provides long-term, meaningful benefits for your...

Optimize Your Software Selection Process: Why 5 and 30 Are the Magic Numbers

Select your applications better, faster, and cheaper with the “Magic Numbers.” This research uses 43,000 data points to help you make the business case for improving your...

Craft a Customer-Driven Market Strategy With Unbiased Data

The product marketing team is responsible for taking a product from concept to market using a well-informed strategy. Traditional go-to-market strategies overlook...

Get the Best Discount Possible With a Data-Driven Negotiation Approach

Vendors will eat you for breakfast if you aren’t well prepared for negotiations, but many customers aren’t negotiation experts and are overwhelmed trying to determine the...

Switching Software Vendors Overwhelmingly Drives Increased Satisfaction

Switching software substantially drives satisfaction, no matter the organization’s industry or size or the type of software. This research outlines key statistics to help...

Advisory Call Outline: Software Selection Engagement

Application selection is a critical activity for IT departments. Implement a repeatable, data-driven approach that accelerates application selection efforts.
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