Application Development - Templates & Policies

Agile Skills Assessment Communication and Roadmap Plan

Use this template to help document your communication and roadmap plan for your Agile skills assessment.

ACE Communications Deck

This template will give you step-by-step inputs from storyboard exercises to communicate the outcomes of your Agile Center of Excellence to your key stakeholders.

Optimate Your SDLC Opportunity Canvas

Use this template to document enhancements for your SDLC stages.

Software Quality Assurance Communication Template

Use this template to effectively communicate to business stakeholders your findings and the steps required to improve product quality and SQA processes.

Software Quality Assurance Plan Template

Use this template to document a comprehensive SQA plan that provides governance for how your SQA practice is executed.

Estimation Quick Reference Template

​This template, associated with the blueprint Estimate Software Delivery With Confidence, will help you define and document your estimation tactics as on-hand cheat sheets.​

Sample Recovered Capacity

Review this example to learn the process to follow for calculating Recovered Capacity

Test Case Template

A test case is a set of conditions or variables under which a tester will determine whether a system satisfies requirements. The process of developing test cases can also...

Optimate Your SDLC Playbook

Use this workbook to record the outcome of your activities in the Automate Your SDLC blueprint.

Application Strategy Sample Action Plan Report

This example report provides guidance on how to capture findings from the application review process, providing key findings to support a more effective strategy
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