Application Development - Templates & Policies

Agile Team Self-Assessment

This tool will help you pin your Agile teams on Info-Tech's Agile Adoption model, helping you structure their interactions with the Agile Center of Excellence.

Product Canvas Template

These simple product and release templates can be customized to suit your needs.

Application Maintenance Release Schedule Presentation Template

Use this template to effectively communicate, to business stakeholders, your findings and the steps required to improve SLA alignment and successfully complete the project.

Estimation Quick Reference Template

‚ÄčThis template, associated with the blueprint Estimate Software Delivery With Confidence, will help you define and document your estimation tactics as on-hand cheat sheets.‚Äč

Web API Process Governance Template

This template is meant to be used in conjunction with the Develop APIs That Work Properly For Your Organization blueprint to describe the process of managing your web APIs.

Mobile Development Visual SOP Template

Use the Mobile Development Visual SOP Template in conjunction with the Blueprint, Develop Enterprise Mobile Applications With Realistic and Relevant Performance to...

Augmented Reality Stakeholder Presentation Template

Use this presentation template to help IT make the case for an augmented reality initiative.

Summary Business Case Presentation Template

Use this template for a short-form presentation of the business case that focuses on the key analysis.

Application Maintenance Business Case Presentation Document

This template will structure your business case to stakeholders for your application maintenance optimization initiatives.

Release Management Process Standard Template

Use this template to document your release processes, roles and tools of your release management standard.
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