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Unified Communications TCO Showdown: Avaya vs. Cisco

This 3-year TCO analysis evaluates whether the new Avaya SR 4134 with Software Communications System (SCS) is a competitive alternative to Cisco UC offerings for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). This note compares the TCO of each solution in two scenarios:

»    Avaya SR 4134 SCS versus Cisco 2851 ISR running Cisco Unified Workplace Licensing (CUWL) apps (100 users).

»    Avaya SR 4134 SCS versus Cisco 3845 ISR with CUWL (250 users).

In a tough economy, where companies are looking to save on the bottom line, accurate TCO knowledge is vital. Arm yourself with the findings in this report to keep your UC project afloat.

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