Storyboard: Prepare for a Successful IT Strategy


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Prepare for a Successful IT Strategy Storyboard Sample
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The preparation for IT strategy development and execution lays the foundation for IT strategy success.

This research will help you:

  • Understand what constitutes a successful IT strategy, and what the benefits and costs of a successful IT strategy are.
  • Develop a sponsored mandate for IT strategy.
  • Define the appropriate timing, scope, detail level, and planning horizon of the IT strategy to be developed.
  • Create a charter for your IT strategy development.
  • Ensure there are organizational capabilities to execute your IT strategy.
  • Choose a method to staff your IT strategy development.

Don’t attempt to develop an IT strategy with insufficient pre-planning, or you may lose the stakeholders along the way, and your strategy will address the wrong topics, the wrong timeframe, at the wrong level of detail.

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