PM, PPM, EPM: Alike but Not the Same

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In a business world filled with acronyms, confusion is common. This note clears the smog around project, portfolio, and enterprise management, and offers tips with selecting a best-fit process and tool for the enterprise.

PM? PPM? EPM? Huh?

Project-based work is becoming the norm in business, so managers and IT leaders must evolve processes accordingly. Large projects are often broken into several smaller subprojects in order to increase flexibility and to appropriately allocate resources (from labor to costs). These smaller projects allow workers to balance their time between different tasks according to current prioritization, and allows for multiple large projects to be simultaneously ongoing. But, the benefits can only be realized if all projects and subprojects can be managed and prioritized effectively.

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    Ibijoke Faseun | 07-01-2014

    Very interesting piece. thank you.

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