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Are your staffing practices aligned with those of your peers? Use MeasureIT to get a custom benchmarking report that will tell you how your organization compares with your peers and industry.

  • Prove your staffing practices are in line with valuable data custom to your company.
  • Compare your staffing metrics with those of your peers.
  • Impress your executives with over 100 MeasureIT metrics that are impossible to find anywhere else - generated immediately after you complete the survey.

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Custom Benchmarking: Where We Get the Data

Over 4,000 companies have already completed a MeasureIT survey, so we can provide meaningful results instantly with the data relevant to your company and your industry.

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How to Make the Most of your Results

  1. Complete the Survey to generate your custom benchmarking report.
  2. Review your results. Were they what you expected?
  3. Use the following research to make improvements in your department based on the insight you've gained from your custom metrics.

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Need data on budgeting first?

Custom budgeting benchmarks are also available in MeasureIT. View now

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