Analyst Bios

Mark Anderson

Research Fellow
Mark Anderson is an Info-Tech Research Fellow and the publisher of the SNS Global Report, read by Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Ballmer, Vint Ce... Read more

Ross Armstrong

Executive Advisor
Ross Armstrong is an Executive Advisor at Info-Tech Research Group focusing on strategy and leadership. He has 12 years experience in building and... Read more

Michael Battista

Senior Consulting Analyst
Mike Battista covers mobile technology, consumerization, MDM, EMM, BYOD, BYOE, and other acronyms as a senior consulting analyst at Info-Tech. Comb... Read more

Stewart Bond

Senior Consulting Analyst
Stewart has close to 25 years of global IT experience in diverse projects across multiple industries within challenging environments. His experienc... Read more

Paul Brown

Senior Consulting Analyst
As a Senior Consulting Analyst at Info-Tech Research Group, Paul Brown manages a team of analysts to develop and deliver best practice research. He... Read more

Sandi Conrad

Senior Consulting Analyst
Sandi Conrad is a Senior Consulting Analyst for Info-Tech Research Group, and spent a year as a Practice Lead, delivering workshops across North ... Read more

Barry Cousins

Senior Consulting Analyst
Barry Cousins is a Senior Consulting Analyst at Info-Tech Research Group, specializing in Project Portfolio Management, Help/Service Desk, and Tele... Read more

Ben Dickie

Senior Consulting Analyst
Ben Dickie is a Senior Consulting Analyst at Info-Tech Research Group. His focus areas of expertise are social media and enterprise collaboration. ... Read more

Bernie Gillies

Executive Advisor
Bernie brings more than 30 years of experience in the information technology industry to Info-Tech. Prior to joining Info-Tech, he spent 10 years a... Read more

George Goodall

Senior Consulting Analyst
George Goodall has been in the information technology field for over 10 years. George currently focuses on enterprise applications, specifically... Read more

Randy Hearn

Executive Advisor
Randy Hearn is a Senior Research Analyst at Info-Tech Research Group, specializing in Application Development, Quality Assurance, Project Manage... Read more

Daniel Ko

Senior Consulting Analyst
Daniel has been in the information management field for over 10 years and he has a solid understanding of BI, BI strategies, analytics, data in... Read more

Frank Koelsch

Research Fellow
With over 30 years in the industry, Frank Koelsch is an expert in IT and business transformation. He is a seasoned professional with a broad range... Read more

James McCloskey

Executive Advisor
James McCloskey is an Executive Advisor with Info-Tech Research Group. James has over 20 years of experience in IT, with an extensive background... Read more

Huw Morgan

Vice President, Research
Huw Morgan is Vice President of Research with Info-Tech Research Group. He is responsible for setting the research agenda at Info-Tech, factorin... Read more

Chris O'Connor

Senior Consulting Analyst
Chris O’Connor is a Senior Research Analyst at Info-Tech Research Group focused on storage, data protection and server virtualization. Chris has... Read more

Emily Saunders

Vice President, Research
Emily has recently been promoted to Vice President, Research, where she will have ownership over several key projects that form the Research Strate... Read more

John Sloan

Principal Consulting Analyst
John Sloan has been an Analyst with Info-Tech Research Group since 1999. His current areas of research practice include server and storage consolid... Read more

Darin Stahl

Principal Consulting Analyst
Darin Stahl is a Lead Research Analyst with the Info-Tech Research Group with 29 years of experience in the information technology industry, inc... Read more

Alan Tang

Senior Consulting Analyst
Alan has extensive experience in information security by focusing on information security strategy, GRC, architecture, and leading practices a... Read more

Mark Tauschek

Associate Vice President, Infrastructure Research
Recently, Mark has taken on the role of Director of Research. Mark Tauschek was a Principal Consulting Analyst at the Info-Tech Research Group and ... Read more

Bill Terrill

Editor's note: Although Bill is no longer with us, his experience and wisdom have had a lasting influence on our research department, and he will b... Read more

Altaz Valani

Senior Consulting Analyst
Altaz Valani is a Senior Research Analyst with Info-Tech Research Group. He has a strong background in application development and project... Read more

Andy Woyzbun

Executive Advisor
Andy Woyzbun is an Executive Advisor with the Info-Tech Research Group. Andy has over 40 years’ experience in various technical, management an... Read more

David Yackness

Principal Consulting Analyst
David Yackness is a Principal Consulting Analyst in the Strategy and Leadership team at Info-Tech Research Group. David specializes in procureme... Read more

Alexander Zverintsev

Director, CIO Advisory
Alexander Zverintsev is a Director of the CIO Advisory practice at Info-Tech Research Group. He specializes in business-IT alignment, IT effectiven... Read more

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