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Although T-Mobile USA relies on regional partnerships with other wireless service providers to provide nationwide network coverage, the carrier offers competitive wireless communications services. T-Mobile delivers satisfactory customer service and offers a good selection of smart-phones. The carrier's competitive domestic and international price plans are the key differentiator in the US market, particularly for small or mid-sized enterprises (SMEs).

‘T' for Telekom

T-Mobile USA is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom and a member of the European FreeMove Alliance. In 2001, the German carrier acquired US-based VoiceStream Wireless and Powertel to create T-Mobile USA. In the US wireless market, T-Mobile is the fourth largest wireless carrier, after Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, and Sprint Nextel respectively. Internationally, T-Mobile provides wireless services to over 128 million users; it is the third largest multinational wireless carrier, following the UK-based Vodafone and Spain's Telefónica correspondingly. As a member of the FreeMove alliance, T-Mobile is involved in lucrative reciprocal roaming agreements with several European wireless carriers – and many of their international affiliates.

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