Why Digital Transformation Efforts Should Start With Content Management

By Andrea Malick, research director, data and analytics, Info-Tech Research Group

November 13, 2019

Digital transformation isn't a dream — it’s in Estonia. Two decades ago the small Republic of Estonia in Northern Europe began its journey to become the most advanced digital society in the world, where 99% of government services are available online and 98% of Estonians have ID cards providing access to all of Estonia’s e-services — minus the red tape.

Following the economic crisis in 2009, the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund (EUIF), in partnership with major IT company Nortal, transformed the government’s unemployment services from providing basic income support to providing the means to introduce people into society and the labor market. The EUIF platform automatically matches job offers with people looking for employment, increasing the efficiency of the application process, increasing overall income tax revenues to 143 million Euro ($159 million), and providing dignity through work.

Info-Tech Research Group’s research director Andrea Malick writes about the importance of content management within digital transformation.

Why Digital Transformation Efforts Should Start With Content Management

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