TITUS Is a Top Contender for Efficiently Identifying, Classifying, and Securing Your Data

Author(s): Celine Gravelines

TITUS Intelligent Protection places second, winning the Silver Cybersecurity Excellence Product Award in the Data Classification category, following Spirion’s solution. TITUS offers innovation in its quest for data protection, attempting to make the task of data classification and protection as simple as possible for end users.

By leveraging machine learning, the solution allows organizations to automate processes and create customized policies, with as little friction as possible for end users. The Intelligent Protection solution extends TITUS’ Classification Suite for Windows.

With accurate data identification through content analysis based on your organization-specific data categories, consistent data classification with automated and recommended classifications, and intelligent data protection defined by your policies, the solution can lead to the increased confidence of IT/security administrators and end users alike.

Our Take

Leveraging tools like Spirion and TITUS helps operationalize data protection policies and documentation, and they can be invaluable in strengthening data loss prevention (DLP) efforts.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that there isn’t single solution to solve all your data classification needs. Machine learning algorithms are only as accurate as the data they are trained on and as the environment continues to changes, there can be a lag between what the model learns.

Leveraging these tools can lead to better data protection, but as always, it comes down to how they are trained and interacted with by users. For example, the TITUS solution may prevent a user from sending an attachment that has a high classification level. But imposing too strong controls on users and their data may lead some users to find workarounds to under- or mis-classify their data. Establishing a balance between proper classification levels and adequate, but less invasive user requirements, is critical to effective and usable data classification. TITUS brings you most of the way, but user training to effectively operationalize your data classification is necessary as well.

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