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Business Intelligence Market to Reach $26.8 Billion by 2021

The business intelligence market is predicted to grow from $17.09 billion in 2016 to $26.88 billion by 2021. Driving this growth are the increasing adoption of cloud, growth of advanced analytics, adoption of data-driven decision making, and emergence of Internet of Things-enabled technologies.

Our View: Business intelligence starts with data management. Without data management, including governance and data quality capabilities, your business intelligence users will not be able to get the insights they need due to inaccurate and unavailable data. Define business intelligence requirements comprehensively through the lens of business, data, architecture, and user groups. Evaluate requirements to ensure they align with the strategic goals of the business. Use our research to Select and Implement a Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution.

Three Microsoft Partners Form Strategic Alliance

Three Microsoft partners (Antares Solutions, Modality Systems, and Quorum) are being called the Cloud Collective ever since they formed a strategic alliance to take on large system integrators and service providers across Australia, targeting the lucrative cloud mid-market space. “The Cloud Collective provides the boutique experience the mid-market requires, but maintains the benefits of smaller vendors, such as specialization, access to senior staff, and zero bureaucracy,” said Mark McLean, Quorum Managing Director and Cloud Collective Spokesperson.

Our View: There are many different ways to license, purchase, and deploy cloud products, making it challenging to know how to maximize the benefits for your organization. Document your position on the cloud – whether that means transitioning or not. Make sure you can justify your position to the organization. Create a proactive strategy using our research Transition Licensing to the Microsoft Cloud.

One CIO’s Vision of the Future of the Workplace

Dan Kieny, CIO of Black & Veatch, predicts a more user-centric workplace as generations beyond millennials join the workforce. The "one-size-fits-all" model, where the hardware, operating system, applications, and profiles are hard-coupled and inflexible will become a thing of the past. The future of the workplace is user-centric, not device-centric.

Our View: An increasing number of employers are complaining that after all the years kids have spent getting an academic education, they still have to be re-educated by businesses in order to add value. However, the model of K-12 education is changing from kids just learning about the world to actually improving it while they are students. Learn more about our vision of the future with our Special Letter: Unleashing the Power of Our 21st-Century Kids.

The Lift: Europe’s First Emoji Spelling Bee

The Black Sheep on Capel Street in Dublin will host Europe's first Emoji Spelling Bee. Contestants will be given an English prompt (a popular phrase, person, place, or concept) and must create an emoji version of the prompt in a tournament-style translation competition. They will be judged based on parsimony, whimsy, and accuracy.

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Published: March 27, 2017
Last Revised: March 27, 2017

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