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For people charged with achieving a common goal, teamware is the answer. A new breed of teamware is emerging that employs many of the second generation content and collaboration technologies referred to as Web 2.0. Use this tool to help assess the appropriate fit for teamware in the organization. This tool includes:

  • A series of questions that guide the user through assessing the appropriateness of teamware tools and their fit into the organization.
  • A list of dynamically created recommendations and interpretations that are specific to the organization in question.

Teamware's resurgence in popularity is buoyed by numerous Web 2.0 trends. As a result, companies can expect traditional teamware vendors to add more Web 2.0 features. However, companies should proceed cautiously with large deployments of new teamware market entrants.

For a more complete analysis, this tool should be used in conjunction with the ITA Premium research note, “Enterprise Teamware Revisited: The Web 2.0 Factor.”

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