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Marketing has evolved to focus on channels that are driven by technology. The functionality of marketing automation (MA) software has increased to enable superior efficiency and better results. IT is failing to provide the technology that Marketing needs, resulting in marketing underperformance, shadow IT, a deteriorating relationship between departments, and a demand for IT involvement in day-to-day marketing operations.

IT needs to act quickly to:

  • Lead the marketing automation enablement effort by identifying the precise technology that the organization needs.
  • Get stakeholder buy-in by promoting the key benefits of the technology and presenting the business case.
  • Assist with vendor selection by comparing vendor proposals to organizational requirements and cost constraints.
  • Craft smart policies to ensure good governance and develop a strategy for user training and technology deployment.

Implement MA technology to enable marketing success. This blueprint will examine your need for email marketing services, lead management automation (LMA), and enterprise marketing management (EMM) suites.

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