Storyboard: Develop an IT Strategy to Support Sales

Author(s): Ben Dickie, Brian Park


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Supporting sales activities is a critical mandate for IT organizations. As the area of the organization that “brings home the money,” Sales must be equipped with the applications, data, and support resources that they need to not only do their jobs, but to excel at them. IT must stand ready to support Sales with robust technology enablement.

This storyboard, along with its accompanying tools, will help you:

  • Build a permanent alignment steering committee that sets shared, strategic direction on how to best support the sales function.
  • Develop a robust set of IT applications that address end-to-end sales requirements and processes.
  • Assist the business in auditing sales data, and put in place both preventative and corrective measures to ensure customer and sales data is current, valid, and free of duplicate or erroneous information.

It can be difficult to pinpoint the pain points and establish a strategic future state vision without arguing over which Sales-IT initiatives are a priority. Taking a business process management approach will ensure that requirements are not produced based on wants, but on gaps and needs from a strategic perspective.

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