Vendor Landscape: Business Intelligence for Gaming, Hospitality, and Leisure

Before you can make the right data-driven decisions, you need to select the right BI tool.

Your Challenge

  • Business Intelligence (BI) solutions have the potential to help gaming and hospitality organizations of all sizes gain valuable business and patron insights from otherwise disparate and siloed transactional systems.
  • A significant number of organizations and CEOs ranked business intelligence (BI) as IT’s top priority for 2015. However, just because there is an appetite for BI does not mean the initiative will be an automatic success. Organizations must select a product that has demonstrated gaming and hospitality systems integrations, cost effective deployment and operating models, and predictive and visualization capabilities.
  • Single property, small and mid-sized organizations often lack resources for full-scale BI deployments, struggle with the ROI of BI, rely on IT and/or Analysis departments for BI operations, and frequently “duct tape” office productivity software together which often causes business decision makers to be dissatisfied regarding the overall accuracy, timeliness, and performance of BI operations. BI solutions should provide strong self-service reporting and analytics with importance also placed on automated processes and intuitive interfaces.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Don’t be dazzled by a flash of GHRC-specific system integrations; carefully assess the value of each aspect of a solution and don’t be lured into choosing the wrong solution by extra features.
  • The ability to access and work with reports on mobile devices is important to today’s mobile workforce, timely information distribution, and decision-making. Vendors are now moving towards providing native apps for improved performance or HTML5 for browser access regardless of the device.
  • A massive amount of unstructured data exists on social sites. GHRC BI vendors are currently working towards making this information accessible. However, most solutions still lack the ability to provide insight and advice for interpretation of the data after it is captured. 

Impact and Result

  • Understand what’s new in the GHRC BI market.
  • Shortlist top BI vendors and their products based on requirements and use cases specific to the gaming and hospitality industry.
  • Save time and money by using Info-Tech’s Vendor Landscape to compare and contrast the major GHRC BI vendors, and then create a shortlist of the most appropriate vendors. 

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