Select and Implement Enterprise Mobility Management

Vendor Evaluation


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Your Challenge

  • Users and the business demand support for a multitude of mobile devices, and your service desk is burdened by supporting them.
  • Although company-issued devices are still widely present in many organizations, end-users resent IT having the same level of control over their personal iPhones and Android devices.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • EMM changes quickly. Though it is maturing, with many product offerings looking similar, new differentiating features appear every day.
  • Advanced EMM suites offer a myriad of product options, making it difficult to define requirements and determine where to start. Implementing such a massive toolset can be complicated and unwieldly.
  • EMM management will spread to become unified endpoint management. But if all you need are the basics, a less expensive vendor that focuses on mobility, for now, could be enough.
  • EMM is like fire: use it to propel your company into the future, but be careful not to get burned by the hype.

Impact and Result

  • Get a firm grip on requirements by assessing current and future end-user device strategy.
  • Determine which EMM solution is most suitable for your organization’s needs without overpaying for features you will never need.
  • Gain insight on what your implementation of EMM should look like to best take advantage of your new toolset.
  • Review how different EMM products compare to each other within different use cases. It does not need to be one size fits all.
  • Develop a list of steps to prepare for a full EMM implementation strategy.


  • JAMF Software
  • Phil Martin, IT Director, Montgomery County
  • Ranjani Rao, CEO, Boston Technology Corp.
  • Sean O’Brien, COO, ConnectMeMore LLC
  • Gordon Smith, Client Hardware Engineering & Mobile Team Supervisor, Intermountain Healthcare
  • 9 anonymous contributors

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Get to Action

Start here – read the Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out why you should implement EMM, review Info-Tech’s methodology, and understand the four ways we can support you in completing this project.

  1. Launch the EMM project and collect requirements

    Create a project plan before exploring vendors. Gather requirements to determine your use case scenarios, then create a project charter to kick off the selection process.

  2. Select your EMM solution

    Review Info-Tech’s vendor evaluations, then develop a shortlist that fits your use cases. Move on to procurement with a demo script and RFP.

  3. Get ready for your EMM implementation

    Prepare for a full implementation process with a kick-off plan that gets a head start on planning the rollout.

Guided Implementation icon Guided Implementation

This guided implementation is a seven call advisory process.

    Guided Implementation #1 - Launch the EMM project and collect requirements

  • Call #1: Identify organizational fit for the technology.

  • Call #2: Create the project plan.

  • Call #3: Plan requirements-gathering steps.

  • Guided Implementation #2 - Select your EMM solution

  • Call #1: Discuss the use-case fit assessment results and the Vendor Landscape.

  • Call #2: Conduct contract review.

  • Guided Implementation #3 - Get ready for your EMM implementation

  • Call #1: Create a high-level implementation plan.

  • Call #2: Discuss roll out of processes and hand over to operations.

Onsite Workshop

Module 1: Launch the EMM Project and Collect Requirements

The Purpose

  • Get started with EMM by making the case for its capabilities, then collect requirements to prepare for choosing a vendor.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A well-thought-out plan for choosing an EMM vendor

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify organizational fit for the technology.
  • EMM procurement charter
1.2 Create the project plan.
1.3 Plan requirements.
  • EMM use-case fit assessment

Module 2: Plan Your Procurement and Implementation Process

The Purpose

  • Narrow your vendor choices to a shortlist, then assess capabilities using demos and an RFP. As vendors are being evaluated, kick off your plan for implementation.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Choice of an EMM vendor that fits your requirements, without overpaying for capabilities you do not need

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Discuss the use-case fit assessment results.
  • A vendor shortlist
2.2 Review the vendor landscape.
2.3 Create an implementation kickoff plan.
  • EMM project kickoff document

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