A scripted interview is a key component in the selection process and thus must be scored accurately. Interviews should be scored during the process by each representative from the organization to ensure that all information is recorded and unbiased.

This interview script scorecard addresses:

  • An introduction to the contractor.
  • A brief overview of the contractor’s capabilities and past projects.
  • A scripted interview for specific data center requirements related to the renovation project such as power, cooling, standby power, fire protection, and data center design and layout requirements.

IT managers should score each contractor as they are interviewed to ensure a fair and accurate selection process.

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Renovate the Data Center

Renovation projects are more complex than first thought.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Identify and understand the renovation project.
  2. Renovate power in the data center.
  3. Renovate cooling in the data center.
  4. Renovate standby power in the data center.
  5. Define current and future fire protection requirements.
  6. Assess the opportunities and establish a clear project scope.
  7. Establish a budget for the data center renovation project.
  8. Select a general contractor to execute the project.
    • Data Center Renovation Contractor Scripted Interview Scorecard


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