Determining cooling requirements is an important aspect of planning and design for a data center renovation project but can be a difficult number to estimate. Use this tool to:

  • Estimate the total existing and future cooling load requirements.
  • Estimate the size of cooling device required.

By understanding the information and calculations involved in estimating cooling requirements, IT can ensure that the data center renovation project defines enough cooling to protect the data center’s contents and support both current and future needs.

This downloadable tool is associated with the research note, Estimating Data Center Cooling Requirements: Just the Right Amount of Cool. Use this tool in conjunction with the Data Center Power Requirements Calculator

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Renovate the Data Center

Renovation projects are more complex than first thought.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Identify and understand the renovation project.
  2. Renovate power in the data center.
  3. Renovate cooling in the data center.
    • Data Center Cooling Requirements Calculator
  4. Renovate standby power in the data center.
  5. Define current and future fire protection requirements.
  6. Assess the opportunities and establish a clear project scope.
  7. Establish a budget for the data center renovation project.
  8. Select a general contractor to execute the project.

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    Arlene Allen | 12-01-2011

    Nice, but itemizing every server on a large scale is a bit of overkill. I would rather have a generic placeholder for an N quantity of servers at X watts. Same thing for Other Load tab. I'd rather have N top of rack switches at a particular value, M aggregation switches at a particular value, etc. With all new servers being marketed with detailed information on their power supplies, it would be useful to have an efficiency column where I could say that I know my particular model server to have 90% efficiency in its customary operating range.


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