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Your Challenge

  • Backup infrastructures are changing. Recent developments, such as increased virtualization and expanding storage requirements, have created new challenges for meeting restore objectives while minimizing costs.
  • Virtualization is creating new challenges and opportunities for organizations in terms of availability and recovery, leading vendors to innovate and incorporate with recent developments in deduplication capabilities.
  • Deduplication, at the source and target, is becoming a commodity feature that is covered by almost every vendor, and capabilities for integration with storage will be a differentiator in 2012.
  • Organizations are showing increasing interest in public cloud integration. If this is in your plans for your backup environment, it’s important to know who integrates with the Cloud and who doesn’t.
  • Get a handle on what differentiates each of eight different backup software vendors in Info-Tech’s backup software Vendor Landscape.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Backup may seem boring, but it is too important to be ignored. Regular backup review, including analysis of alternatives, is critical to ensuring the availability of foreground business-enabling IT services.
  • Organizations that evaluate their backup software, but choose not to switch, are just as successful as those that have switched in the past 18 months. Don’t let a failure be your evaluation driver.

Impact and Result

  • When looking at backup software vendors, don’t be distracted by flashy new features. Backup software should really be called restore software.
  • Failure in backup is failure to meet recovery objectives. Always evaluate features in light of these objectives.

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  • Missing comment
    Dave Angus | 03-01-2012

    I feel this article missed the boat...
    Appassure Replay Disaster Recovery software is great and was just aquired by DELL

    • 1f30bc908bc68cb3217f4e2c787058d4 comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 03-12-2012

      Thank you for your feedback on this Vendor Landscape. Typically, our inclusion criteria is based on market share, mind share, and client interest. We have definitely seen increased interest from our clients regarding AppAssure in the weeks prior to and following Dell’s acquisition. However, the research process behind these reports begins months in advance of publication.
      We will continue to follow Dell as they roll AppAssure into its portfolio, and we may include Dell’s AppAssure in our refresh of this report or other Vendor Landscapes depending on how Dell utilizes this newly acquired IP.

    • Missing comment
      Jay Leal | 10-05-2012

      I agree. We are currently using EMC Avamar but looking for alternatives due to costs. AppAssure makes a really compelling case, but I really would love some independent research.

      • 9eb6a2810126f534ebf65557616f34d1 comment
        Info-Tech Research Group | 10-09-2012

        Thanks for your comment! We’re currently working with vendors, including both EMC and Dell, on a new vendor landscape around backing up virtual infrastructure. Following that, we will be refreshing our vendor landscape around backup software in general (i.e., backup and recovery of both physical and virtual). Keep your eyes peeled. We expect the first installment to come in the next couple months.

  • Missing comment
    Ryan Dean | 03-01-2012

    Check out Unitrends - best I have used.

  • 0bfb15cf21ed35275d39cfdcbdba5faf comment
    Chuck Williamson | 12-13-2012

    I would love to see some more cutting edge technologies reviewed here. Actifio has a great product and it isn't even mentioned here. Nor is Cofio or AppAssure. The vendors presented here are the same ones we've been hearing about for years and they don't have compelling products.

    • 1f30bc908bc68cb3217f4e2c787058d4 comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 12-18-2012

      Thank you for your feedback on our research. We are currently wrapping up new vendor landscape reports in this space that you can expect to see coming in 2013.

      Some additional vendors that will appear include Acronis, Dell AppAssure, Dell Quest vRanger, PhD Virtual, Unitrends, and Veeam.

      Unfortunately, while we run into Cofio and Actifio at major events, we have not seen sufficient client interest to warrant inclusion in our Vendor Landscape reports as of yet.

      However, we’d be interested in chatting about what you like/dislike about those solutions.

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