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Identify & Select Employee Engagement Initiatives

Identify short-term fixes and long-term strategies that will positively impact your top engagement issues.


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  • In-depth interviews with HR professionals, business leaders in chief executive roles, managers, and employees to learn about employee engagement surveys and initiatives.
  • Over 140 respondents to a survey on successful outcomes of employee engagement surveys.
  • Over 100 employees from 3 organizations participated in brainstorming sessions that followed an employee engagement survey.

Your Challenge

  • Most organizations spend a lot of time and resources conducting surveys to gather knowledge about employee engagement. The ultimate goal of the survey is to identify and implement necessary change to better the organization.
  • Lack of employee engagement survey follow-up and subsequent organizational change result in serious consequences for the key HR performance indicators of employee productivity, retention, and attendance.
  • Even when engagement survey follow-up does take place, often organizational management leaves employees out of the process, jumping immediately to solutions before fully understanding the underlying problems. This results in dissatisfying and failed initiatives.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • The most significant errors occur in the back end of the employee engagement survey project: deciding what to change, executing on the proposed changes, and then communicating them to the organization. Only 49% of organizations implement actual change as a result of their employee engagement survey.

Impact and Result

  • A large majority of organizations that do implement engagement initiatives execute projects that treat symptoms and not the root causes of employee disengagement.
  • Initiatives are typically generated, selected, and implemented by the executive and management team, resulting in initiatives with limited impact and poor employee buy-in.
  • Involving staff from the beginning and keeping them in the loop through effective communication are integral to the success of your organization’s engagement program.

Research & Tools

1. Leverage survey results and employee involvement

Generate and select change initiatives that will make a big impact on engagement.

2. Facilitate issue and initiative break-out sessions with employees

Identify and rank the gaps between current and ideal state, and determine the means to close those gaps.

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