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Develop an Actionable ERP Strategy & Roadmap

Avoid over-spend and under-utilization by taking a strategic approach.

A well-architected ERP strategy clearly communicates the direction of the ERP portfolio and aligns roadmap initiatives with business priorities.

Your Challenge

  • An ERP strategy is an ongoing communication tool for the business. Having a multi-dimensional view of your ERP strategy and roadmap allows you to track and report to stakeholders on a regular basis. It is a living document.
  • Accountability for ERP success is shared between IT and the business. There is no single owner of an ERP. A unified approach to building your strategy promotes an integrated roadmap so all stakeholders have clear direction on the future state.
  • An actionable roadmap provides a clear path to benefits realization. Your application lifecycle stage, business model, and future direction define which critical path to follow. The ERP roadmap connects business targets to actionable initiatives.

Our Solution

  • Our methodology aligns the ERP strategy and roadmap with business priorities; securing buy in from the business for the program.
  • Our view of the application portfolio helps you identify gaps, risks, and opportunities in relation to business processes; ensuring that you address the most critical areas.
  • Our in-depth approach assesses alternatives for the critical path(s) most relevant to your organization’s direction.
  • Our roadmap promotes structure and accountability by categorizing and prioritizing work initiatives, and by identifying resources, timelines, and investment.

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