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Manual methods of testing application code are time consuming, lower the chances of detecting bugs earlier on, and are ultimately expensive. In the right environment, automated testing can address these difficulties. Although automated testing tools are a large investment to justify, they can actually provide a powerful means to reduce testing costs and represent a good investment for many IT shops.

This note discusses whether and how to make the case for an automated testing tool. Specific topics include:

  • Survey data on how much time is spent on manual testing.
  • The business benefits of automated testing.
  • A cost analysis of manual and automated testing.
  • When automated testing is right for the organization.
  • Key points to consider before investing in an automated testing tool.

Use this note to determine if automated testing is right for the quality assurance team and to make the business case for automation.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Separate hope from vendor hype
  2. Decide whether automated testing is appropriate
  3. Know the true cost and return of automated functional testing tools
    • Making the Case for Automated Testing


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