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Software testers know all too well that too much time is spent on manual testing. While manual testing can be a sufficient way to test code in some smaller or less complex development environments, relying exclusively on manual testing tends to slow down the software development lifecycle. Many organizations see the value in an automated testing tool, but very few have actually taken the steps to automate the process.

The "Automated Testing Tool ROI Calculator" will:

  • Help to determine the potential ROI of an automated testing tool.
  • Help to make the case for an automated testing tool.
  • Help to calculate the total cost of manual testing.
  • Help to calculate the total cost of automated testing.

Use this tool to determine if automated testing is right for the quality assurance team and validate the decision with an estimated ROI.

This downloadable tool is associated with the research note, “Making the Case for Automated Testing.”

Solution Set Steps

  1. Separate hope from vendor hype
  2. Decide whether automated testing is appropriate
  3. Know the true cost and return of automated functional testing tools
    • Automated Testing Tool ROI Calculator


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