Sizing up the post-COVID future of London's workplace towers

Author(s): Joel McLean

Don’t let the work-from-home routine fool you: London’s office towers and suites, home to thousands of workers, are expected to remain a workplace fixture after the COVID-19 crisis ends. But they may look nothing like they do now. Think fewer people, elevator commuter times, temperature guns and much more elbow room. Norman De Bono reports:

One of the first things to go just might be the Frosted Flakes.

When the COVID-19 pandemic eases and office workers return in London, it’s certain they’ll come back to a different workplace than the one they left in mid-March when the public health crisis began.

There’s also a good chance there will be fewer workers returning to the office, with some opting to continue to work from home or with employers deciding to downsize their office footprint, business observers say.

Among the changes will be the loss of communal spaces, including that kitchen with shared treats.

“We have fruit bowls and cereal in every kitchen, shared containers. That’s problematic,” said Joel McLean, chief executive of downtown tech business Info-Tech Research Group.

Joel McLean, founder of Info-Tech Research Group, shares his perspective in this article.

Sizing up the post-COVID future of London's workplace towers

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