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Network Access Control (NAC) has grown beyond its original purpose and no longer is an appropriate solution for every organization looking to secure its network. With each vendor offering a unique combination of security controls to protect the network, it can be hard to determine which solution is the most appropriate. Some organizations would benefit more from opting out of a NAC solution and instead implementing a solution that uses machine learning and anomaly detection to protect the network.

  • The future of access controls lies in individual use cases.
  • Organizations must decide whether to implement one of these new SA&O solutions or opt to implement an artificial intelligence-enabled solution, like User Entity & Behavior Analytics (UEBA), to protect the network.
  • Examining the organization’s unique use case when selecting a solution for protecting the network will ensure that the chosen solution provides security that can be effectively managed and utilized.
  • An appropriate solution will have IT staff spending a practical amount of time and money monitoring the software through a centralized view that highlights all alerts and potential threats.

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