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The physical network infrastructure has been the bedrock of networks for decades. However, advancements in networking concepts and technologies have been lagging behind server and storage developments, such as virtualization and Cloud. These developments are being introduced to the network without an appropriate foundation. An emerging approach to modernizing the network is software defined networking (SDN). SDN aims to enhance the capabilities of traditional networks to accommodate virtual devices, virtual networks, network access, and traffic flow optimization. This storyboard will help you:

  • Understand the definition and architecture of SDN
  • Investigate the current solutions offered by early movers in the SDN space
  • Begin developing a compelling business case
  • Know how and when to start investing in SDN

This research will show you the current and future developments of SDN concepts and technologies and how to prepare for them.

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Prepare for Software Defined Networking (SDN) Sample Storyboard
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