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The environment in which organizations manage relationships with their customers is always changing, and new technologies are making it imperative that organizations deploy the correct customer management strategies and tools. Deciding which CRM suite to select is a difficult task. Use this research to expedite the selection process, and choose the best CRM suite for your organization’s unique needs.

  • A standalone CRM suite is a viable option for many organizations. However, if one is merited by product and service complexity, adoption can boost key customer management metrics (such as first contact resolution and customer retention).
  • CRM suites bring together a host of features, including knowledgebases, customer portals, resolution workflow tools, reporting and analytics, social and mobile access.
  • The vendors in this space all provide strong offerings; however, some are more appropriate for particular use cases than others. Undertake a comprehensive assessment of user and business needs prior to your selection process.
  • CRM suite implementation considerations include points-of-integration, maintenance, security, training and end-user adoption, and ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

Suite selection and implementation that does not fit your organization is costly and time-consuming. Adhering to best practices around evaluating and selecting a CRM solution will ensure that the full potential of the suite is realized.

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