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Many organizations are apprehensive about IBM Power Systems (e.g. iSeries, IBM i), due to a perception that this is a dying platform built on old technology. However, this perception has proven to be more myth than reality. For example:

  • An Info-Tech survey finds that only 4% of organizations are planning to migrate off IBM Power Systems, while 64% are planning to upgrade their Power Systems platform to stay current.
  • Power Systems have followed a consistent 3-year cycle of major releases over the last decade. Added support for languages such as Java, PHP, and C++ has expanded the ability to provide modern interfaces, even for legacy RPG apps.
  • The ISV market for Power Systems is still very strong, and this platform is being used for a wide range of apps in addition to financial systems, including Web apps, BI, and CRM solutions.

When evaluating platforms for mission critical apps, IT leaders need to look past the perceptions. Assess the true benefits and challenges of this platform, and how to mitigate those challenges, to decide if this platform is appropriate for your organization.

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Published: August 24, 2011
Last Revised: August 24, 2011


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