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Prioritize your organization’s innovation ideas. This Innovation Ideas Prioritization Tool allows you to build a profile of innovation idea criteria that matter to your organization and score your organization’s list of potential innovation ideas. Based on your set of criteria and scoring, generate a prioritized shortlist of the ideas most relevant for your organization.

This Innovation Ideas Prioritization Tool provides the following functionalities:

  • Variable prioritization factors for both potential cost and potential value concerns.
  • Weightings to adjust the contribution of various suitability factors to overall idea ranking.
  • A self-sorted ranking list Innovation Ideas (ranking is based on user input).

The tool will provide a shortlist of the ideas in Pursue Immediately, Deploy Agilely, Plan into the Portfolio, and Question Need and Solution Design quadrants. Although it is not as exhaustive as Innovation Management Platforms, this tool is a good starting point for prioritizing innovative ideas in your organization.

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