Enterprise Apps Today: 10 Useful Mobile CRM Apps

(January 29/2013) A sales force can be left behind if its mobile solutions aren’t able to navigate a highly competitive CRM environment. Here are 10 useful mobile CRM apps and platforms.

Customer relationship management (CRM) was around long before mobility became the norm, but now it’s becoming a necessity for CRM applications to offer mobile capabilities. After all, who is on the go more than sales people?

"The major CRM vendors have recognized that mobility is a key trend affecting their industries," says Ben Dickie, a research analyst at Info-Tech Research Group. "As smartphone and tablet adoption have skyrocketed, major players like Salesforce.com and Microsoft have been adding mobile CRM applications at a rapid clip."

A complementary trend to mobility is the burgeoning popularity of social media. More and more organizations are leveraging social media for business purposes, and CRM vendors are incorporating social media listening and management capabilities into their offerings as well.

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