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This assessment will analyze the status of HR processes within the IT department. The tool will help IT leaders identify areas where HR processes need improvement, are underperforming, are satisfactory, or are excellent.

HR processes in IT can be broken down into a series of four categories that build capabilities and engagement in the department:

  1. Talent Acquisition: an evaluation of employer brand, sourcing/screening of candidates, and selection of candidates.
  2. Talent Management: an evaluation of functional competencies, workforce planning, talent capabilities, and succession planning.
  3. Performance Management: an evaluation of performance appraisals, coaching methodologies, and team dynamics.
  4. Learning and Development: an evaluation of onboarding process, employee development, management development, and leadership development.

This tool will help identify the status of 14 key HR processes in IT and help you handle your HR issues in a swift and efficient manner.

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