CIO - Web Analytics: Turn Customer Feedback into Sales

(9-Jun-10) Matan Armoni didn’t need a prescription to see that visitors to online eyeglass retailer were getting fed up and abandoning their shopping carts.

Armoni, EyeBuy’s e-commerce director, had a hunch that the problem stemmed from the site’s virtual imaging tool, EyeTry, which lets customers try on glasses as they would in a shop.

Desperate to curb the dropped sales, Armoni deployed a customer feedback tool from Kampyle. EyeBuy visitors are guided to a customized form by clicking on a strategically placed “feedback” graphic. The form then solicits comments on everything from search capabilities and website security to lens type availability and support options. Employees can view the comments, either individually or grouped into categories such as user location or site feature. Within two weeks of launching Kampyle, Armoni confirmed that it was EyeTry’s need for customers to digitally indicate their pupil distance that was causing them to abandon the site altogether.

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