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Which ERP Systems Are The Most Popular With Their Users?

By Louis Columbus


October 22, 2019

  • Oracle ERP Cloud users rate the security features of their systems as the best in the industry across 18 ERP providers.
  • Across the 18 vendors profiled, Service Experience is far and away the most valued trait and the most differentiating aspect of respondents’ relationships with their vendors.
  • ERP users are most dissatisfied with how their vendors overpromise and under deliver, with this category receiving the lowest aggregate score of 34% and finding 14 of 18 vendors below 50%.

These and many other fascinating insights are from SoftwareReviews’ latest customer rankings published today in its Emotional Footprint Report on Enterprise Resource Planning. The report is based entirely on attitudinal data captured from verified owners of each ERP system reviewed.

Which ERP Systems Are The Most Popular With Their Users

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