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If a company decides that issuing cellular phones to employees is necessary, then measures need to be put in place to regulate associated costs. Actively managing and enforcing cellular phone policies is a cost saving mechanism that can be employed in companies that need to realize immediate and future cost savings. The cost of business-issued mobile devices is usually quite large and in most cases, can be reduced substantially. Companies interested in cutting their cellular expenditures should implement the following steps.

Enforce Cellular Usage Policy

Cellular usage policies establish who qualifies for a company-issued cell phone and how the phone is to be used. If a phone is owned by an employee and the company reimburses him or her for business calls, then the policy details the reimbursement practices. Policies protect companies from legal matters concerning cellular phone use and from employees that abuse their phone privileges. For a sample cell phone policy, refer to the Info Tech Advisor, “Mobile Device Acceptable Use Policy.”

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