Estimate Software Delivery with Confidence – Executive Brief

Author(s): Andrew Kum-Seun

Estimation and planning practices set and reinforce the expectations of product delivery, which is a key driver of IT satisfaction. Establish the right expectations using good collaborative, data-driven, and analytical tactics to reveal the scope and risk to formulate confident estimates. Read this Executive Brief to:

  • Understand why effective estimation and planning practices are critical to IT's success.
  • Learn why estimation and planning practices can be difficult for organizations without the right collaboration, tactics, and support.
  • Understand Info-Tech's methodology and approach to estimation and planning practices.

Your estimation and planning practices define an actionable approach intended to improve the value of your estimates, plans, and commitments. This approach instills confidence that you have your stakeholders’ expectations in mind.

View the Complete Blueprint:

Estimate Software Delivery With Confidence

Commit to achievable software releases by grounding realistic expectations.

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