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When the organization is building a new data center or refreshing its existing facility, determining current power requirements and estimating future needs are important to ensure adequate support and availability are expressed in the budgeting process. If the data center's power consumption is not monitored separately, this can be a difficult task. This research note provides:

  • An explanation of data center power requirements.
  • A method for determining current data center power requirements.
  • A method for estimating future data center power requirements.

Follow Info-Tech's power requirements method to collect necessary information and estimate data center power requirements, thereby ensuring an adequate budget now and in the future.

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    Kevin Gaza | 04-21-2011

    Okay, why dont you explain the different equations, e.g. that 1.73 is the square root of 3 and is used to accomodate for 3 phase. And why you multiply by .67 instead of adjusting the numbers up for a 33% (1-.67) "power factor" as all of these things are difficult to grasp for an IT person. Also, you mention that average load is less than maximum, but you dont say that you need to build for maximum load. Nor do you mention devices such as smart power strips that can go into the racks that allow you to have devices restart in a sequence. Come on fellas, I expect better than this from you.

    • 9eb6a2810126f534ebf65557616f34d1 comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 05-03-2011

      Thanks for your comment, Kevin. We'll definitely consider these enhancements when the parent solution set Build a Data Center becomes scheduled for revision.


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