Enterprise architecture strategy experts offer pandemic tips

Author(s): Joel Martin

Andy Neill, chief enterprise architect and senior director of data and analytics, Info-Tech Research Group: Use smart KPIs [key performance indicators] and measurements to show the effectiveness and value of enterprise architecture, such as the number of business capabilities defined by enterprise architecture that the business has been satisfied with. You might have to submit surveys, diagnostics or questionnaires to the business and ask, 'Have you been pleased with the iterative developments that we've been delivering to you?' Tie those back to architecture support. Break down regulations like GDPR and CCPA and trace parts of the compliance to the architecture. If you develop a reusable pattern and set of artifacts, every new project that has that requirement can reuse the artifact and save money.

There are architects out there now worried about their jobs because they're an expensive resource. In order to show how effective they are and the value that they bring to their company, they need some way to measure or visualize that. Having a dashboard that lives across your repository of enterprise architecture is becoming very important to show the effectiveness of enterprise architecture.

Lots of organizations are realizing that business capability models are the most powerful areas they can attack as they struggle with COVID. They're identifying and focusing on the most important capabilities to help them survive through the pandemic and then throwing in a couple of capabilities that differentiate the organization when we come to the other side of COVID. Previous to COVID, being a business architect was quite a niche skill, but during COVID, business architecture has become a more prevalent form of architecture. It's the capability modeling, the business process modeling, the business collaborations, the business interactions. Business architecture is completely agnostic of the application landscape, the data and the technology.

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