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Info-Tech Research Group recently compared the five leading blade server solutions focused on the small to mid-sized enterprise (SME). The Egenera BladeFrame ES places in the Follower Zone of the Decision Diamond comparison. Egenera has focused on high availability and mission-critical solutions with both architecture and marketing.

This research note outlines several key points, such as:

  • Egenera's positioning in the blade server market.
  • A summary of the Egenera BladeFrame ES.
  • Egenera's company and product strengths and challenges.

While the Egenera product shows up in the Follower Zone relative to the other products evaluated, the product offers features and architecture that still make it well worth investigating. The BladeFrame ES should be considered by any enterprise that wants a highly versatile and powerful mission-critical blade server solution.

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Published: March 6, 2007
Last Revised: March 6, 2007


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