Vice President, Contract & Cost Optimization & Vendor Management

About Scott Mullan

Scott Mullan has decades of experience in IT executive sales leadership, sales management, sales, consulting, and business proprietorship. Before starting his own IT vendor cost optimization company, he served as Vice President of Gartner’s CFC IT Cost Optimization and negotiation assistance practice. He spent 22 years at Gartner.

Scott and his team are passionate about helping clients achieve the best IT vendor deals. When it comes to enterprise-scale IT projects, securing a fair and favorable deal is often challenging. Disparate prices and low transparency make cost optimization difficult, even under the best circumstances. Fortunately, Info-Tech Research Group’s IT Vendor Cost Optimization practice has deep expertise with technologies that matter most, allowing us to guide you toward right-sized, sustainable IT vendor agreements that deliver value.

To facilitate a strong and productive relationship with your IT vendors, we never communicate directly with the vendor during an active engagement. We are available as a partner and resource at any time, leaving you in full control of your partnerships and outcomes.

Scott obtained a BA in Business Management and Operations from Western Colorado University.

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