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Save money by improving your vendor contracts with a robust contract review process.

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The Challenge

Ill-defined terms and weak vendor relationships lead to overspending on contracts. To avoid that, you need proven processes you can rely on to get the right contracts for your organization and build better vendor relationships along the way. Info-Tech equips you with the expert advice and tools to accomplish that by helping you: 

  • Know the right and wrong price for the software you're purchasing
  • Manage future costs
  • Improve your contract negotiation skills
  • Hone in on the optimal contract language
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How We Help

We’ve helped thousands of members negotiate contracts with their vendors. What we’ve learned along the way offers you clear advantages.

  • Pay less than your peers

    Understand how your contract stacks up

  • Realize significant savings

    Optimize the terms of every contract

  • Right-size your contracts

    Avoid penalties and unforeseen costs

  • Future-proof yourself

    Build protections into your contracts to avoid price increases

  • Maintain Your Competitive Edge

    Learn how to regularly review and update your contracts

Top Contract Reviews

dollars saved

Take control of your Microsoft licensing and optimize spend.


Modernize Your Microsoft Licensing for the Cloud Era

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Salesforce’s previous purchasing transparency has diminished, making it critical to understand licensing methods, and foreshadows compliance audits.


Make Prudent Decisions When Increasing Your Salesforce Footprint

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Learn the essential steps to avoid overspending or failing an IBM audit.


Explore the Secrets of IBM Software Contracts to Optimize Spend and Reduce Compliance Risk

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Overspending with Oracle is easier than you think, thanks to the open access framework coupled with complexity of licensing.


Demystify Oracle Licensing and Optimize Spend

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Overspending and becoming noncompliant with SAP is easier than you think. Assess your contract and build a strategy to negotiate from a position of strength.


Explore the Secrets of SAP Software Contracts to Optimize Spend and Reduce Compliance Risk

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Learn the essential steps to avoid overspending and to maximize negotiation leverage with Adobe.


Master the Secrets of Adobe’s Creative Cloud Contracts to Right-Size Your Adobe Spend

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