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Saving you tens of thousands on your technology contracts.

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Our contract review and vendor management products include blueprints, guided implementations, and workshops to help you assess, manage, and reduce costs while strengthening vendor relationships throughout your technology supply chain. Info-Tech can offer advisory services, right-size purchasing decisions, and prevent expensive software audits.

Save Tens of Thousands

Identify and implement best practices in your technology contracts that will lead to a balanced agreement yielding measurable value.

Get the Inside Track

Learn and correct vendor-slanted terms and conditions (T&Cs) that are standard contract language, but can cost you up to 10% of your contract value annually.

Stay Right-Size

Ensure that you are buying what you need, when you need it. Reduce the risk of over- and under-buying so that you don't get caught with shelf-ware or onerous true-up and penalty fees after an audit.

Savings Found:

Since January 1, 2012


How We Help

Platform Vendor Contracts

We have a deep understanding of contract structures for top platform vendors including Microsoft, Oracle,, and IBM so we can help you navigate your initial purchase or audit.

Top Contract Review

We’ll help you take a critical look at your five most expensive contracts, ensuring that you are managing vendor performance and optimizing your investments. Our experienced analysts will use their software industry knowledge to review any tech deal providing a fresh set of eyes in the areas of contract and vendor management.

Vendor Management

We’ll work with you to evaluate and improve your vendor management practices with the objective of creating balanced vendor relationships, controlled supply chains, and measurable vendor performance models.

Stop flying blind in your contract negotiations

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