Service Benefits


Review Your Existing Dashboard

Ensure your measures are holistic and cover the full mandate of IT​.


Ensure Your KPIs Are Clearly Aligned With IT and Business Objectives

Identify how the KPIs are aligned to the objectives to show you’re working on the right things.


Get Recommendations on Objective-Aligned KPIs

Develop a proposed list of dashboard KPIs based on best practices.


Discuss Ways to Effectively Produce the Dashboard

Get recommendations on how to make your dashboard actionable.

Review Your IT Dashboard

Our Perspective

Your dashboard should align with your organizational goals.

Acting early when your KPIs deviate from the goals leads to improved performance.

Select KPIs that matter to your organization.

Look for indicators that show the health of the practice, not just the results.

Review KPIs often.

Ease of use will determine the success of your metrics program so keep it simple to create and review the indicators.

Take action to improve performance.

If indicators are showing sub-optimal performance, develop an action plan to drive the indicator in the right direction. Act early and often.

Service Overview

Select the KPIs best aligned with your IT and business strategy and discuss ways to efficiently produce your dashboard.

Review Existing Dashboard

Review existing dashboard and content and get recommendations to increase value from its use.

Understand Alignment of Current KPIs to Existing IT Objectives

Align current KPIs to organizational and IT goals to create transparency and alignment.

Understand Current Data Collection and Reporting Issues

Discuss current practices and identify pain points.

Propose a List of KPIs to Add or Remove from Existing Dashboard

Use the IT metrics library to fill gaps in KPI coverage.

Make the Dashboard Actionable

Discuss data collection and review frequency to make the dashboard actionable.

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